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"Don't give up, please don't give in
although the cold burns,
even if fear bites, 
Although the sun sets and the wind stops,
There's still fire in your soul,
There is still life in your dreams,
Because every day is a beginning
Because this is the time and the best time."

Mario Benedetti




I am Begoña Montañes, a psychologist specialized in crisis intervention and accompaniment in grieving processes.  

I have lived in Brussels since 2007 where I combine my work as a psychologist at the NGO Handicap International with private practice in consultation.

I am a recognized member of the Commission des Psychologues Belge (772225896) and the Official College of Psychologists of Madrid (M-19896).  

I offer my psychological support and training services in Spanish, French and English.

I invite you to browse the different sections to get to know me a little more and see the way I work.

If it is not possible to physically come to the consultation in Brussels (residents in other cities and/or countries), we can explore the possibility of telematic support through Skype or other applications.

Feel free to contact me if you feel I can help.

  • Degree in Psychology from the University of Deusto (Bilbao. Spain)

  • Research proficiency in social psychology from the University of Deusto (Bilbao. Spain)

  • Expert Diploma in Life Cycle Grief (IPIR Barcelona).  

My professional experience dates back more than 20 years when I started working as a psychologist in Penitentiary Institutions in charge of different therapeutic treatments, including suicide prevention.


I applied a whole range of psychological techniques in the treatment of all kinds of conditions, mainly crisis interventions and acute symptoms of anxiety and depression.


In 2007 I moved to Brussels where I currently reside. Quite a change on a personal and professional level.


Since then I have worked first in the Directorate General for Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid of the European Commission in charge of humanitarian aid destined for different countries under my supervision such as Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Ethiopia.


Currently I combine my work in the French NGO, Handicap International / Humanity & Inclusion, as a psychologist in charge of psychological support to colleagues in the field in humanitarian aid and development projects with my private practice.

If you are here, you (or a loved one) are probably suffering or looking for a change in your life.

Sometimes we feel lost.


The current context after two complicated years of the pandemic, from which we have not yet completely come out, and the geopolitical scenario may be added factors of concern and discouragement.

Have you had a recent loss that you can't get over? Are there past losses that seem to reactivate and affect your day to day life? Have you lost a baby and find it difficult to move on? Are you an expatriate and you find integration in Belgium difficult, perhaps you are experiencing migratory grief? 

Are you in a separation process and you are worried about how it could affect your children?

Do you feel that your children are suffering and you don't find the tools to help them?

Are you stressed and don't know how to find calm? Do you not feel comfortable with yourself and would you like to give a better version of yourself?

I am here to accompany you in this process with the tools provided by psychology with an integrative and systemic model and with my experience.

My patients are children and adults. 


The psychological support that I offer is face-to-face or telematically (Skype or other similar means)  for non-residents in Brussels.  



Do not wait any longer. If you are here reading this, you're probably in suffer.

Do not hesitate to contact me and together we will see how to move forward.


+32 497 234 350 


Rue de l'Abbaye 46

1050 Ixelles


Thank you very much for your message

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