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People who suffer in response to the circumstances they are confronted with in their day-to-day life come to the consultation.  

Each person is unique and the therapeutic techniques will be adapted to your specific needs so that you can move towards the desired balance and the version of you that is most aligned with yourself.

Children and adolescents require a specific approach adapted to their age and needs.


There is no doubt that the pandemic, confinement, the possible illness (or even death) of a close relative, classes at a distance, limited contact with friends, less physical contact... have been difficult elements to manage on a psychological and emotional level for all of them.


Children and adolescents, due to their stage of development, have been able to feel the impact of all this very intensely.  


Anxiety, depression, behavioural problems or simply not feeling comfortable with themselves may be the reasons that encourage us to work in therapy. Focusing on personal resources and with a systemic point of view, we will work so that the child and/or adolescent gradually recovers balance and gains security and confidence.


Sometimes a neutral and respectful space is needed where we do not feel judged and we can work on issues that deeply affect us in the dynamics of the couple and that have a direct agreement on us and the rest of the family system.

Therapy can help clarify the position of each one and has strengthened the resources that favor communication, decision-making and personal balance. Find in the end the formula in which both are happy.


Grief is the suffering associated with an emotional loss. This loss can be of different kinds: loss of a job, a relationship, a pet, a country when we expatriate, a social position, a life cycle that we ended, loss due to the death of a loved one.

I am a grief specialist trained at the IPIR Institute in Barcelona, a benchmark in psychological intervention in grief.  

I can accompany you in this painful, intimate and often lonely process that is mourning. 


The burn syndrome or "burn out"  It can be defined as a state of exhaustion and frustration linked to dedication to a lifestyle that does not produce the expected satisfaction.

It is generally related to work, but it can also be related to a love or family relationship or, more generally, to an unsatisfactory lifestyle for the person.

It is a state of exhaustion of those who have exceeded their own limits.

It's about more than feeling stressed or tired. It has a cognitive, emotional and behavioral impact.

If you feel emotionally and mentally exhausted, you are irritable and lose patience easily... Or maybe you have difficulty sleeping, concentrating at work and you begin to question the meaning of what you do, of your life... you may be suffering from a burnout syndrome that will require more than just downtime.


I can accompany you in the recovery process


Sometimes it is difficult to find a space where you can express your pain for the loss of a loved one. Especially if it is a loss from the past where it is possible that we feel the pressure of the environment to be well and we do not feel legitimate to express our suffering.

In a respectful and empathetic environment,  applying specific therapeutic techniques for dealing with grief, the members of the group, accompanied by me, advance in the acceptance and personal reconstruction after a significant loss.

Psychology gives guides that help understand the stages your children are going through;  their evolutionary processes and their needs.

The intervention is carried out centered on the person and taking into account the specificities of the family system.

A basis of therapeutic work is usually centered on communication. The positive impact of therapeutic work on a personal level is felt throughout the family system. 

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